New ‘place-based’, preventative role for the NHS in GM

Andy Burnham Photo

Mayor of Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham, for the first time, set out Greater Manchester’s vision of a 21st century NHS as part of a new model of public service within the city-region. These new reforms are being described as being ‘equally as bold as the creation of the NHS.

Mr Burnham will describe the “Greater Manchester model” and outline the ‘unique opportunity’ the city-region has to integrate health with all public services, such as early years, education, community safety, housing and employment. The Mayor will say that the speech presents the collective view of public services in Greater Manchester and “represents a level of consensus amongst its public service leaders that probably doesn’t exist anywhere else.”

To find out more about the new new reforms relating to neighbourhood working, financial reform, nursing guarantee and mental health click here.

To read a transcript of Andy Burham’s full speech