New plan to invest in special schools revealed

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Parents, carers and residents are being asked for their views on a new 10-year draft plan for special educational needs schools in Wigan Borough.

Wigan Council has launched a consultation and is asking people to comment on the plan which will ensure the long-term need of children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) are met.

The proposed approach will be phased over ten years and includes creating more school places and building new schools where current facilities are outdated and need investment.

Initial feedback, from informal consultation carried out last year, was very supportive of the outstanding special school provision already on offer in the borough and there was overwhelming support that schools be retained.

There is a need for additional provision across the borough but particularly in the Leigh area.

In parallel to this consultation the council is also considering other support and provision that is needed in the borough, for example resourced provision and our outreach support offer, and is working with schools and families to look at need and a suitable offer for the future.

The proposals over a ten year period are:

Hope School – proposal to build a new school on a new site at Montrose Avenue at Central Park.

Rowan Tree Primary School – proposal to build a new school on the current or a new site in Leigh.

Landgate School – proposal to build a new school on the current or new site. Minor improvement works to be carried out to the existing school.

Willow Grove Primary School – proposal to build a new school on the current or a new site. The available land would allow us to build a new school whilst maintaining the provision in the current buildings.

Oakfield High School – proposal to extend the school and carry out adjustments or provide off-site provision temporarily to meet high demand.

There are currently no proposals for Newbridge Learning Community School.

To have your say on the consultation before the closing date on Friday 1st March please visit