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Local infrastructure challenging the

commissioning status quo

Newcastle CVS have published a thought piece about public sector contracts and the potential negative impacts for some voluntary sector organisations that prioritise contracts as part of their income generation strategy, with the intention of prompting discussion and debate. On a similar note, the CEO of Support Staffordshire has blogged about the process that many frontline charities have found themselves in, whereby the services they have developed and always provided have started to by competitively commissioned. But help is at hand, in the form of an ESRC-funded guide from Durham University for public sector organisations on how to work effectively with the voluntary sector.

Building relationships with health bodies

Building Health Partnerships: Self Care is a programme that ran in eight STPs over 12 months from July 2017, with the aim of building relationships between STPs, citizens and the voluntary sector and facilitates joint action that improves health and care priorities. IVAR have launched a report demonstrating the programme’s impact and progress towards achieving systemic change between the voluntary sector and public health bodies over the last year.

In related news, the Institute for Fiscal studies have released an analysis of the NHS’s ‘70thBirthday Present’ (the announced £20bn funding package), and a tool that lets you work out where you’d make the money need up from, in the context of the government’s unwillingness to state where the funding will come from.