October 2019 Exhibitions Shevington Village Art Gallery

Standish Art Group - Harbour
Standish Art Group - Harbour

Janice Tasker – for me it’s partly about striving to contribute something, however
small, to an ancient art or craft; feeling a connection with artists and makers from
centuries gone by. Colour, pattern, texture, symbols and motifs – either in nature or made by skills that just make you breathless, these things and the thrill of opening a kiln full of tile experiments excite me and make me happy.

Beverley Saville – As an artist and maker I am inspired by the natural world, the
effects of light, the textures of nature, the changes of the seasons and weather.
I enjoy sketching in wild and remote places gathering ideas for my paintings, felt and textiles. Mostly I just love getting messy and creative.

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