Once Upon A Time… the achievements of children in care were celebrated

photo of Wigan CIC Awards 48 Award winner Poppy Gaskell-Lowe with council staff Andrea Smith and Amy Edgington
Wigan Council CIC Awards at the Edge

The achievements of local children in care and foster carers have been recognised at a special Disney themed event.

The annual awards event, organised by Wigan Council and this year called Once Upon A Time, celebrated young people’s achievements in ten different categories including improving their own health, making the most of their time at school or college, facing challenges and being brave, contributing to their local community and being kind and caring to others.

Councillor Bullen, Portfolio Holder for Children and Young People, says,
‘The event is a really enjoyable way to help recognise and build the confidence of children and young people in care. Each of the Disney themed awards represents one of the elements in our Deal for Children and Young People; all the things we encourage children and young people to do to help themselves and others in their community. Hundreds of young people were nominated and I am so impressed with their resilience and the things they have achieved despite sometimes difficult circumstances. It’s also really important to recognise our foster carers for the amazing job they do, they are such an asset to our community.

Poppy Gaskell-Lowe, 7, from Worsley Mesnes, won the Winnie The Pooh Award, for children aged 8 or under who have been helpful and kind to others.

Poppy says, ‘I really didn’t expect it. I thought it would be someone else. I won for being kind to family and friends but you should be kind to others so you don’t hurt their feelings.’