One in Six Wigan Households Are Out Of work-

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Wigan households are out of work

One in six Wigan households is out of work, a shock new report reveals. Office of National Statistics (ONS) figures show that last year there were no fewer than 15,000 homes in the borough occupied by people aged 16 to 64 where no-one earns a living. That’s 17 per cent of all homes being workless – similar to the regional average but higher than the national one of 15 per cent. Regionally, the most common reason people gave for not being in work was being sick or disabled – 36 per cent of out-of-work individuals cited illness or disability as the primary reason for not working. Students made up 10 per cent of the group, and 17 per cent were early retirees. Just 12 per cent of jobless people in the area were officially “unemployed” – looking for work and able to start within two weeks.

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