Opportunity: Free leadership development training for leaders of health and wellbeing organisations

Cascading Leadership

Cascading Leadership provides an invaluable free opportunity for leaders working in health and wellbeing organisations in the voluntary and community sector (VCS) to develop their leadership skills and receive practical support. It is built on a peer-to-peer model where an experienced VCS leader (a consultant) supports another VCS leader who is seeking support (a partner).

The pair meet at least five times over a period of nine months, where the partner has an opportunity to work through organisational issues and receive support. The consultant also benefits from being stretched to develop their own leadership and skills, while being supported and supervised by senior staff at The King’s Fund.

There is no charge for the programme, which is valued at £5,800 for each pair. The next course starts March 2020. Closing date: 9 December 2019

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