#OurWigan Festival 21st – 28th May


I was keen to get in touch with you to invite you to be involved in the #OurWigan Festival that is being facilitated by the Mancspirit Charity and funded by GMCA Culture.

Our aim is to showcase the positive impact that community groups, local authority departments, creatives, charities & cultural organisations have had in Wigan & Leigh – giving the opportunity to show the amazing things that you do to bring love, inspiration, vibrancy, energy, compassion, colour, art, entertainment and hope to people who live, learn, work and socialise in #OurWigan.

To do this, we’re initially asking for short videos (2 minutes, 20 seconds max.) that tells everyone the brilliant things that you’ve been doing. We’ll share these across our social media channels (@MancSpirit & @MancMade) during the festival, to our network of around 20,000 followers. You can also submit any links to longer videos, presentations or films, examples of creative work and any case studies of positive outcomes and inspiring stories – anything that will put a smile on people’s faces!

We’d love to have you involved & give you the chance to promote yourself to wider Greater Manchester networks! If you do have any questions at all, please let me know.
Kind regards & many thanks for your time,

Somerset Smith [email protected]