Part 2 – Net Zero : A Just Transition


We are excited to share with you our latest ‘Portfolio of Good Practice for an Inclusive Economy’: Part 2 – Net Zero: A Just Transition, which highlights the different ways the voluntary, community, faith and social enterprise (VCFSE) sector is creating a fairer and more inclusive economy in Greater Manchester.

The portfolio shows how our sector is working to tackle the growing challenges of poverty and inequality across the region by highlighting examples of where community organisations and social enterprises are carrying out activities that contribute to a ‘just transition’. This means progressing towards ‘net zero’ in a way that inequality within communities is not made worse.

This portfolio series is produced by GMCVO on behalf of the Inclusive Economy working group of the GM VCSE Leadership Group. This is working towards the commitments of the GM VCSE Accord.

Read it here.

Part 1 of this series demonstrated how our sector is creating an inclusive economy through Community Ownership. You can read this here.

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