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Wigan and Leigh Young Carers are in the final round of the Persimmon Homes Building Futures Competition.

Finalists in each of the three categories (Health, Sport, Education & Arts) could win £20K, £50K or £100K. 

You can vote Every Day but can only vote once per day from each unique internet address (E.g. once your mobile and once from your broadband connection). 

Voting is open until September 18th 2020

Please please get behind us, as winning this would make a massive impact on Young Carers in the Wigan Borough. 

To vote go to the following web address:

Scroll down until you see Wigan and Leigh Young carers.

Click on ABOUT then you can press the VOTE button.

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Peter J Wild

Young Carer Support Worker (Monday-Thursday)

 07834 546 050 /01942 679 352

[email protected]

Wigan & Leigh Young Carers

Registered Charity No: 1120993

Patrick House, 58 Leigh Rd, Leigh, WN7 1QR

A young carer is a child or young person under the age of 18 who provides care to another family member who has a physical illness, disability, mental health issues, a sensory disability or a problematic use of alcohol/drugs.

The care can be practical, physical and emotional support. As a result of this, it can have a significant impact on their childhood.