Relationship Building
Relationship Building

Finer details of the relationship building event have been discussed and are being implemented.

While I understand that capacity constraints can pose challenges for many services, I urge everyone to prioritise attending this event. We are hoping for frontline workers, operational, and strategic members of different workforces to participate. It is designed with the needs of both people and services at its core. One recurring issue I’ve observed is the lack of communication among services, leading to gaps in support and care that can result in disengagement and even trauma for individuals. Why should anyone have to feel the consequences of us not working together?

This event aims to bridge these gaps and strengthen existing relationships while creating new ones within mental health services. My hope is that through this, we can all gain a deeper understanding of each other’s roles and motivations.

Imagine if we all worked in the same manner —while it might simplify collaboration, it wouldn’t necessarily benefit those in need of support. Collaboration thrives on diversity and flexibility, and it’s these qualities that can truly enhance the support we provide.

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