Bloom Portfolio

In Bloom Portfolio.

A portfolio giving brief details of what activities your organisation has undertaken (all year round) is invaluable to the Assessors.

The list of suggestions below is not exhaustive – only you and your group members know exactly what you have accomplished and you need to let the Assessor know this!!

If you need any help in typing up the portfolio just email Marion and Phil at and we will arrange a convenient appointment to support you

Portfolio Template


The Assessors prefer a portfolio to be written in the same order as the marking sheet so that it is easy to refer to. The suggested format below follows the marking sheet of the Assessor and suggests topics that may be relevant for your group which can be included in the portfolio.

A portfolio does not have to be lengthy but is an invaluable aid for the Assessor when writing up their report. It is useful to include a brief history of how and when your group was formed; photo’s of ‘before and after’ when undertaking a project; to capture photo’s of plants that have flowered at other times during the year; to record events; to capture volunteer participation (including total volunteer hours spent); and work undertaken by volunteers of of season etc

SECTION A: Community Participation
Has a neighbourhood action team been formed? (Up to 15 points can be awarded)

Ensure you give full details of your group/organisation; the work that you do and the volunteer hours you give (don’t forget the volunteers who ‘drop in’ on a casual basis) etc

Have you had any donations of plants, products, tools and equipment as a result of your efforts?

Have you been successful in obtaining a grant?

Have you got an action plan?

Has there been an attempt to engage with the neighbourhood and other bodies?    (Up to 25 points can be awarded)

Tell the Assessors who you work with eg other community groups/ schools/ local business/ local
councillors/Police/ Residents Associations etc and what you have achieved together since last year’s competition.

Can you demonstrate how your group is inclusive?

Do you advertise events such as bulb planting and invite the local community to join in? Will your local shops advertise events for you?

Do local businesses support you financially or ‘in kind’.

Can you evidence how your projects are making a difference to the local community?

Total points that can be awarded for Section A is up to 40 – this is the section where
you can achieve the most points in the competition

SECTION B Environmental Quality

Was the area clean and tidy? (up to 15 points can be awarded)

Explain how you keep the area clean and tidy eg litterpicks; cleaning up areas; promote responsible dog ownership and reduced dog fouling

Has there been any environmental initiatives undertaken e.g. recycling composting undertaken by the neighbourhood? (up to 15 points can be awarded)

Advise of any up-cycling projects/ rainfall collection and anything else that you have been doing.

Can you demonstrate increased use of community green spaces following your project?

Have you introduced bird boxes; bat boxes; bug hotels; wild flower beds to attract pollinators etc.

Have you undertaken any heritage/educational projects?

Total points that can be awarded in Section B is up to 30

SECTION C Gardening Achievement

Design features plant choice and impact (Up to 10 points can be awarded)

Planting should be appropriate for the location, (soil, climate, aspect) and suit the natural and built environment.

There should be a good balance between seasonal and permanent planting

Standard of maintenance (Up to 10 points can be awarded)

Explain your routine regarding weeding; mulching; dead heading; watering; harvesting seeds etc

Enhancement through creativity and innovation (Up to 5 points can be awarded)

Have you adopted a neglected area/grot spot? Have you overcome any barriers, if so how did you accomplish this?

Has gardening improved the area? (Up to 5 points can be awarded)

Have you engaged with other local/vulnerable groups/organisations to improve a green space?

Total points that can be awarded is Section C is up to 30
Total points that can be awarded overall is up to 100

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