Recruitment of Older Workers and the Challenge of COVID-19

ambition for ageing

Speaker: Dr Elaine Dewhurst, Senior Lecturer in Employment Law, The University of Manchester

Time: Wednesday 4th November, 1:00pm – 2:00pm


The UN Independent Expert on Ageing recently described the situation of older people during Covid-19 as one that makes them “visible but not heard”. Older people in the UK have been portrayed in the media as vulnerable and in need of “shielding” from their own fragility and the potential impact of COVID-19, whilst the voice of older people relating to their experiences, successes and their contributions has been drowned out by the imagery of vulnerability and fragility.

In the recruitment context, older workers are likely to struggle against negative stereotypes, digital skills gaps and finding suitable work.

This seminar will highlight the existing challenges facing older workers in the UK, the existing legal protections against age discrimination in the UK and the gaps in protection in the context of older workers, and finally it will examine the potential avenues to redress for older persons.

The seminar will include any opportunity for discussion and question and answers.