Recycling rates soar as spring begins

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As the temperature hots up in Wigan Borough so has its recycling rate.

For the first time ever, Wigan Council collected more green waste than black waste one day last week, as residents are tidying up their gardens, recycling their food and putting less in the black bin.

For further information on what can and can’t go in each bin or to request a kitchen caddy if you want to start recycling visit:

And in May the borough’s overall recycling rate has been hitting more than 50 per cent each day with one day reaching a record high of 66 per cent!

Earlier this year the council introduced a free caddy liner delivery to encourage residents to recycle food using a kitchen caddy before putting in the green bin.

Residents who would like a roll of caddy liners are asked to tie an empty liner to their green bin when its due a collection and the crews will leave a new roll. Residents can put their food waste directly into the green bin if they prefer.

Green bins are used for garden waste such as leaves, twigs and grass as well as leftover food (cooked or raw), tea bags and egg shells