Resident-run campaign hopes dog owners follow their lead

showing dog poo dispenser

Dog owners are being told there is no excuse to not pick up after their pets by residents who have installed bag dispensers using plastic bottles.

The good Samaritans in Tyldesley want to encourage owners to clean up and give people no reason to flout the law.

Despite the council spending approximately £150,000 annually on dealing with dog-related complaints, such as dog fouling removal, education and enforcement, problems still persist.

Local resident Alison Cottriall and a few friends are behind the scheme after becoming fed up of seeing dog mess on their travels.

She said: “My friends and I were talking about how much of an issue it is, so we decided to try to give dog owners no excuse to leave dog poo.

“It’s really nasty to see and unfair to leave it on the floor, I’m hoping it will make people think twice before they walk off.”

While dog owners are free to take a bag or two from the new dispensers, it’s hoped responsible owners will also add in spare bags and help the refill bottle scheme become sustainable.

Hotspot locations have been targeted with three along Elliott street, one on Tyldesley interchange, the entrance to the park walkway on Shakerley Estate, Ellesmere Street Common and two in Astley Street Park at the top and bottom end.

Tyldesley ward member Coun Nazia Rehman supports the move and wants to make sure people hear about it.

“It’s a fantastic initiative set up by Alison and friends to tackle this issue of dog mess on our streets,” Coun Rehman said.

“While the council does always look to educate and enforce when it can, it’s impossible for us to monitor every street, every minute of the day so ideas like this go a massive way to helping.

“It would great to see it become a success and for it to appear in other wards of the borough.”

The resident-led initiative complements the recent responsible dog ownership campaign launched by Wigan Council.

The ‘Paws and Pick It Up’ project is looking to crackdown on the small minority of dog owners who flout the law and spoil public spaces for everyone else.

Since it launched in late January, residents have been able to pick up their own bag dispenser or torch from their local library in a bid to help dog walkers, especially when out at night.

This latest initiative in Tyldesley links strongly to The Deal and demonstrates how the council and residents can work together to create a better borough.

Only through a partnership approach can we see this problem solved as it is irresponsible dog owners who are causing the problem in the first place.

Pet owners who do not dispose of dog mess in the correct way could receive a fixed penalty notice of £100 which could result in a max fine of £1,000 if you are prosecuted or do not pay the initial fine.

Anyone can report dog fouling by logging in and/or registering for MyAccount and selecting ‘Report It’.