Resilience in Ageing in Greater Manchester

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Ambition for Ageing has today released a report titled Resilience in Ageing in Greater Manchester, looking at the needs of older people in resilience planning.

The report suggests that although older adults can be particularly vulnerable during large-scale disasters, they also possess assets that can contribute to preparedness for shocks.

Within the report, we explore the importance of recognising the impact different marginalising characteristics (such as ethnicity and class) can have on a person’s resilience when putting in plans around resilience and makes recommendations on how policy makers can support the needs of older people across Greater Manchester.

The report concludes that to avoid further marginalising people, it is vital to take an intersectional approach to resilience planning, including a range of marginalised group. In order to carry this out effectively, one recommendations is for decision makers to recognise the value of community institutions and bridging organisations and people.

As an organisation with an interest in this area, we want to draw your attention to the report and findings within.

The briefing and full report can be downloaded at

Early next year, Ambition for Ageing will be hosting a seminar looking at the report in further detail and asking what happens next. Join our mailing list to be the first to receive the date.