Responding to COVID-19 – Developing Social Contact Models in a Time of Social Distancing

ambition for ageing

Concurrent with tighter new rules for Greater Manchester announced last Thursday, Ambition for Ageing have today released a new report to help build more effective social connection projects for older people during the new operating environment of COVID-19.

As national and local rules change in response to infection rates, this report offers guidance that can be applicable in a number of different scenarios, from a world where social distancing is the norm to one where we return to complete lockdown.

Within the report, we provide a number of tools and examples to help those who are designing new projects and restarting previous projects consider what social contact models will look like now and in the future.

To help make this report into a practical document, we have pulled out these sections of relevance that can be used independently, as well as alongside the full report.

The full suite of documents include:

  • A full report
  • A number of design principles to best meet the needs of older people
  • A checklist of challenges to consider when designing or restarting projects
  • A collection of case studies of projects compatible with social distancing with key learning
  • please follow this link to read it online: