Hospital Equipment
Hospital Equipment

Over many years hospitals have loaned equipment to patients to aid their recovery, which in lots of cases becomes surplus to requirements as recovery takes place.  Therefore, now is the time to return it for recycling and enable it to be used again!

Sunday, 30th June is the date when Wigan Rotary Club and Leigh Rotary Club have arranged for the public to return any equipment which is surplus to their needs.  Please bring any of the items listed below to either Sunshine House, Wellington Street, Wigan WN1 3SA between 9.30am. and 2.30pm. or Leigh Tesco, Derby St, Leigh, WN7 4BA between 11am. and 4pm.  It would be really appreciated if items are clean.   This reduces the work of the Council in the recycling process before it can be returned to the hospitals.  Only certain items on the list below can be accepted. Please note Medicines, Tablets, Bandages etc., cannot be accepted.

Please therefore only return –  Medical Mattress (which prevent pressure sores): Bed Levers (goes under the mattress) : Over Bed Trays : Kitchen Trolleys : Shower stools or chairs :                  Free Standing Toilet Frames:  Zimmer Frames: Crutches : Wheel Chairs (Not electric):  Commode chairs.  

Wigan Rotary Club President John Wright said ‘What a great opportunity to de-clutter your home and have some good come out of it.  It’s got to be a win – win situation where you can  create more space at home and give the hospitals the opportunity to use recycled equipment again and save money”  He continued “this is another excellent example of two local Rotary Clubs working with Wigan Council for the benefit of the borough’s residents.  NHS budgets are under so much strain, we feel we are doing ‘our bit’ to help our local Hospital Trust, but we need YOUR help to make the day worth-while.”