Review of Health and Justice

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MACC e bulletin 6 Jul 2018 – 09:43 by michelle.foster

Professor Eddie Kane, Director Centre for Health and Justice, at University of Nottingham is nearing the end of a review of service for three cohorts of victims of crime on behalf of GMCA: Sexual Violence and Abuse Victims/Survivors; Victims/Survivors of Domestic Violence; and Young People.

The University of Nottingham and Centre for Mental Health are carrying out a review of services in Greater Manchester and they want to hear what people who use these services have to say.

This is a confidential survey and it will help them understand what people who use the services across Greater Manchester think about them and how they could be improved.

The links are as follows:

Victims/Survivors of Rape, Sexual Abuse / Assault:

Victims/Survivors of Domestic Violence / Abuse:

Young Persons who are Victims of Crime:

Deadline: end of July 2018