Ring and Ride Survey: an opportunity to share organisational views about the service


Transport for Greater Manchester: Ring and Ride Survey: an opportunity to share organisational views about the service

I’m getting in touch to share details of a survey that’s been launched that might be of interest to your organisation or members of your networkThis survey is designed to be completed by groups or organisations who have an interest in the Ring and Ride service, either on behalf of their members who use/would be interested in using the Ring and Ride service or from a policy perspective. The survey launched on 12th May and will run for 6 weeks until 24th June.

Ring and Ride is a service to meet the needs of people who find it difficult or are unable to access the general transport network, either part or all of the time. It is a door-to-door minibus service with drivers who are trained in passenger assistance. To be eligible to use the service, passengers must hold one of the following: 

·        TfGM travel pass for disabled people; or 

·        TfGM travel plus pass for disabled people; or 

·        TfGM travel pass for older people, be 70 or over and have difficulty walking; or 

·        TfGM travel vouchers for disabled people 

As a result of the pandemic, the service has seen a significant reduction in numbers. Initially, services were suspended entirely due to safety concerns, but were later reinstated with reduced vehicle numbers. Demand is currently being monitored; patronage and requests are around 50% of those in 2019/2020. 

TfGM want to engage with interested groups and organisations about the Ring and Ride service, to help improve the service and ensure there is equal access to those who need it. 

We’re looking to understand your organisation’s views on: 

·        Accessibility of the service 

·        Availability of the service 

·        Barriers to use 

·        Fares 

·        Satisfaction with the service 

To complete the survey, please visit: 


We would be grateful of any amplification you might be able to provide, particularly in supporting us to reach groups and organisations who use Ring and Ride services across Greater Manchester.

If you have any questions about the survey, please contact flexibletransport@tfgm.com. Please note this survey is not intended for individual users of Ring and Ride. If individual users would like to provide feedback, please also signpost them to: flexibletransport@tfgm.com.