RIP Ed Thwaite

photo of Ed

It is with deep sadness that we have to report the death of Ed Thwaite. 

Ed was the Chair of LENDF for over 10 years and he worked tirelessly for the good of the residents in Lowton East and the wider Lowton area.

He will be sorely missed and our thoughts are with his wife Janet and the family.

Funeral arrangements are as follows:

Thursday 14th October a service will be held at 2pm at Howe Bridge Crematorium. 

There is a limit of 86 ‘seated’ people within the building and no standing room allowed. 

The family may arrange for loud speakers to be set up so that mourners outside the building can hear the service. 

Following this there will be a gathering at Lowton Social Club at 3pm for all those who wish to attend.

Information about future LENDF meetings, etc, will be given once the Committee Members have met to discuss how this group can continue the legacy that Ed started.

Respectfully Yours

Irene Thomson(former Secretary of LENDF

and emailed on behalf of Gill Turner, current Secretary).

Lowton East Neighbourhood Development Forum