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supporting projects that promote justice and equality for women and girls

Grants are available to support charitable campaigning work across Rosa’s four pillars (leadership and representation, safety, health and economic justice).

Established in June 2008, Rosa is the first UK-wide charitable fund specifically aimed at supporting projects that promote justice and equality for women and girls.

Rosa’s Voices from the Front Line Grants Programme is an initiative designed to support women’s organisations to promote their fight for gender equality in the UK. It resources advocacy, campaigning and activists with lived experience of injustice and inequality – giving voice especially to women facing intersecting disadvantages including race, class, sexuality, disability, poverty or migration status.

The programme aims to help women’s voluntary and community organisations from across the UK to:

  • Support campaigning, advocacy and activists working across any one of Rosa’s four pillars.
  • Amplify the voices of individual women at the Frontline of grassroots work in the UK.
  • Support work which can, long-term, tackle the underlying causes of a problem women face.
  • Nurture talent. Activism driven by inspiring, committed leaders can achieve remarkable results.

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Application Deadline:  29 May 2018