copy of scam message

Wigan Rotary Club are warning as Vaccination scams have become one of the

biggest threats. A phone call, email, or text message is sent in an attempt to

steal personal and financial details. The message contains a link to a fake NHS

website with an application form to register for the vaccine asking for various

personal and bank details.

Five of the other most common current scams at present are

*Postal Delivery Scams with more shopping now online criminals are using fake

DPD and Royal Mail emails to collect personal information which they use to

commit fraud. 

*Purchase Scams criminals will follow the trend and will offer goods for sale that

are in high demand. Customers report scams involving pets that don’t exist,

games consoles, mobile phones, and even hot tubs and camper vans. If you see

a good deal advertised via auction sites or on social media be careful

*Coronavirus Tax Refund criminals are bombarding inboxes with fake emails,

texts, and calls claiming entitlement to a support grant or tax rebate due to

coronavirus. The aim is to get you to give them your personal details sometimes

including your payment card information. Once criminals have your details, they

may call you pretending to be from your bank’s fraud team trying to persuade

you to move your money to a ‘safe account’ or give away your card reader

codes. Report emails like this to [email protected]

*Offers to make quick money there has been an increase in criminals trying to

lure people in becoming money mules through a ‘get rich quick’ offers. If

someone offers you money to use your bank account refuse and alert the police

Rosemary Charles President of Wigan Rotary Club said ‘ During the lockdown

criminals have taken advantage of more people working remotely and online and

even though the lockdown is easing the criminals are still as active as ever and

we want to warn everyone to be on their guard. You are currently more likely to

be a victim of fraud that any other crime.’