Safeguarding in Community Groups Newsletter – Summer 2020

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Welcome! In this latest edition we take a look at government guidance for charities and
trustees relating to safeguarding and protecting people. We also let you know about
useful safeguarding resources from NCVO. Also in this edition we highlight a new digital
safeguarding tool developed by the government to help charities handle reporting of
safeguarding concerns; we let you know about a useful guide from the DBS for voluntary
and community groups and tell you about our new online podcast & webinar resources.

Safeguarding & protecting people: government guidance charities & trustees
Protecting people & safeguarding responsibilities should be a fundamental governance
priority for all charities. As part of fulfilling duties as a trustee, reasonable steps must be
taken to protect people from harm who come into contact with charities. This includes
people who benefit from the charity’s work, staff, volunteers & anyone else who comes
into contact with charities . The Charity Commission will hold trustees to account and will
check to see whether trustees followed this guidance and the law. Trustees are expected
to take responsibility for putting things right. Trustees should promote a fair, open and transparent culture to ensure that all involved feel able to report concerns & that they will be listened to. More information about the government guidance can be found here :

New! Safeguarding Related Podcasts and Webinars online– Take a Listen!We’re all spending more time at home these days. This is the perfect opportunity to develop your knowledge of safeguarding.

Useful Safeguarding Resources for Community Groups from NCVO
The National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) have put together a
comprehensive collection of free safeguarding resources aimed at community and
voluntary groups, including briefings, guides, podcasts, tools and videos. These resources are straightforward, practical and based on real-world experience in the voluntary sector.

Why not listen to a podcast?, or as an alternative to watching TV, why not view a webinar? Take a look at Wigan Safeguarding Partnership’s new podcast & webinar sections on our WSAB & WSCB websites. Here you’ll find a variety of
interesting & engaging safeguarding content from well known organisations such as
NSPCC, Ann Craft Trust, The Open University and SCIE. These podcasts are free to listen to.


New Safeguarding Digital Tool for Charities

Every organisation that delivers charitable activities has a responsibility to
safeguard people from harm or abuse, whether they are staff members,
volunteers, or other people who come into contact with a charity through its work. The
government has designed a new digital tool and guidance to help charities with reporting of safeguarding concerns or allegations about the behaviour or actions of a person in their charity. The tool acts as a prompt so that charities can ensure that they have taken all the relevant steps necessary to safeguard charity beneficiaries and to protect the charity.

DBS guide for voluntary and community groups

The DBS have produced a guide for voluntary and community groups working with children or vulnerable adults.

The guide covers criminal records check in England, the Isle of Man, Wales and the Channel Islands. Amongst a number of subjects the document covers understanding DBS checks, eligibility for DBS checks, defines a volunteer and provides information relating to regulated activities. The guide also provides additional sources of guidance and help

Did You Know About Our FREE ‘Eyes and Ears’ Safeguarding Training?
Wigan Safeguarding Partnership run FREE two hour safeguarding awareness sessions
called ‘Eyes and Ears’ which are aimed at individuals, community groups and residents.
Sessions are delivered by a Wigan Safeguarding Partnership Trainer. By the end of the
course participants will understand the different types of abuse, be able to recognise
abuse, know what to do if abuse has occurred, and importantly know how to report abuse.
For more information visit Please note that these courses have been suspended due
to the COVID-19 outbreak. Once sessions have restarted, we will promote these. In the
meantime, why not take a look at our online resources

Check Out Our Online Resources for Community Groups
Don’t forget to check out both WSAB & WSCB websites, which have areas dedicated to community groups. From these pages, you can also access our training brochure.

Did you know that the WSAB website has some really useful website links about staying
safe and different support that can be found here:

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