Short Breaks for Children and Young People with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities – Market Consultation

image representing the deal 2030

Hi, my name is Gaynor Eastham and I work within the Start Well Public Health Team at Wigan Council.  We are contacting you as we are undertaking some consultation around ‘Short Breaks’ for children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities and we would like to have a conversation with you as a provider of services in the Borough.

Deal 2030

The Deal 2030 sets out how we will work together to create a truly world class place to live in the decade ahead.  The council cannot realise the potential of our borough alone – to do this we have to be working effectively with our residents and partners.  At its heart, The Deal is about empowering communities and enabling them to do what they do best. It has meant finding out what is important to our residents, what truly makes them happy, and focusing on their strengths and talents.

Together we want to build a borough where people are healthy, active, happy and doing what they enjoy and that our children and young people have the best start in life, providing positive opportunities for young people to engage with their local community and do things that interest them and keep them safe.

Short Breaks

Wigan Council are committed to ensuring we have an excellent short break offer in the Borough which provides the right support for our families at the right time.

Whilst we feel that we have a number of services that support our families whose children and young people who have special educational needs and disabilities, we know that we don’t always get this right and have reflected that it has been a while since we have reviewed our offer.

At the heart of our work, we want to ensure that children and young people with disabilities and their families have a positive experience of living in the borough.  We are passionate about making sure that there are a range of services, support and social opportunities available within the community and via respite services that would enable this to happen

To enable us to effectively review and shape our offer, we really need to help of our families, but also help from yourselves as market providers to make sure that our short breaks offer is the best it can be.  Please see attached our Market position statement.

We have developed a questionnaire specifically for families, but we would also like the opportunity to talk to yourselves about your current offer and the opportunities for the future.  We would like to understand:

  • What does the term ‘short break’ mean to you?
  • What is your current ‘short break’ offer for children and young people with disabilities?
  • What are the barriers to providing services for children and young people with disabilities?
  • What are the opportunities for the future
  • What could you do differently in the future?
  • Does the way we commission services / support providers help or restrict your delivery?

We would really like to hear your views, it would be great if you could share some feedback on the above questions – if you can send any responses to [email protected] that would be great.  Also, if you are interested in hearing more about the consultation and would be happy to have a discussion with us, please can you let us know via the same email address and we can arrange to have a Skype / Teams meeting or a telephone call.

We will also be hosting a ‘Market Provider’ event on 3rd November – this will be held virtually – please look out for an invite to this event.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

For any queries contact Gaynor Eastham
Lead Officer – Public Health 01942 486140