Signposting and Referral Platform for Greater Manchester Migration Services

Refugees and Asylum Seekers
Refugees and Asylum Seekers

The Greater Manchester Step Change Consortium together with Disrupt Foundation are excited to share with you a new online service directory and referral platform for asylum, refugee and migrant support services in Greater Manchester. You can access the platform at

The tool has been co-developed with frontline practitioners, leaders of support organisations and people who have used asylum support services in Greater Manchester.

Please see below for further information about Kompasi, and how it is managed and kept up to date. Do feel free to get in touch with me directly if you are interested in joining the platform as a referral organisation or have any other questions about the tool.

What is Kompasi?

Kompasi is a digital tool that connects services from a variety of organisations so that refugees, people seeking asylum and migrants can be signposted to, or directly referred to, the right support. It features a public service directory accessible to everyone and a private login page for referral organisations to make secure and streamlined referrals. Currently, the platform lists over 500 services. If you’re interested in registering as a referral organisation which includes signing a data sharing agreement, feel free to contact Monica Reeves at