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Social Tech Trust Launches New Grants Programme

The Trust, formerly known as the Nominet Trust, is now inviting applications from entrepreneurial organisations to its Innovate Social Tech programme, which supports innovative ventures that use digital technologies to deliver significant social change.

Focused on the theme of ‘Tech to Unite Us’, the programme’s inaugural round has a total fund of £500,000 and will offer support for up to ten UK-based teams developing innovative projects that aim to address inequality by using technology to unite people in inspirational and transformational ways.

Grants of up to £45,000 are available for a period of 9-12 months alongside a package of technical assistance to accelerate venture growth.

Projects should be at the ‘demonstration stage’ of development and meet the scheme’s eligibility criteria, including:

  • Addressing a social challenge that is recognised as critical (for example, through the Global Goals or UK government and civil society priorities).
  • Addressing the root causes of the challenge or transforming the current approach to it.
  • Aiming to reach as many people as possible, maximising the project’s social impact.
  • Employing an approach that is different from (or builds upon) existing work in this area – this could be through a creative business model, by harnessing emerging tech, or using existing tech in a new and transformative way.
  • Having a working product or service that still requires testing and improving through continued user testing and increasingly rigorous social impact evaluation.
  • Demonstrating a valid demand – having evidence that people want the product and are able to use it.
  • Be improving the product with input from selected users gathered through observation, analytics, baseline survey, feedback, etc.
  • Be able to show a clear and testable Business Model hypothesis – including a clear value proposition.
  • Be able to demonstrate prospective partnerships or routes to market.

Preference will be given to ventures with a social mission and an innovative approach that reimagines how the social challenge can be addressed.

The programme has a two-stage application process.

The deadline for Stage 1 applications is 25 July 2018 (midday)

Full details can be found on the Social Tech Trust website.

Source: Social Tech Trust, 03/07/2018