Sport England (England) Active Together Programme


Sport England has committed another £1 million to combating the impact of coronavirus by match funding money raised by sports clubs and community activity groups through the fundraising platform Crowdfunder.

Through the ‘Active Together’ partnership with Crowdfunder Sport England are matching crowd funds of up to £10,000 raised by clubs and organisations hit by the coronavirus crisis.

Clubs and organisations can sign up via the Crowdfunder website.

They’ll then need to set their crowdfunding target and put in place incentives and rewards.

Once 25% of the crowdfunding is met, Sport England will confirm the match funding – up to £10,000 – and can distribute the money within seven days of being raised.

Call for Projects Addressing Barriers to Being Active During Coronavirus Pandemic
Sport England is looking to support innovative projects that remove barriers to being active during the coronavirus pandemic for those communities that are currently least well-served.

Already existing inequalities are currently being exacerbated by the pandemic and those most affected are not able to access sports and activity and are missing out on the health benefits.

Applications are invited for innovative solutions from individuals and organisations specifically
developed to support:

• Women
• People on low incomes
• People from Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) backgrounds
• Disabled people
• People living with long-term health conditions.

The project should address at least one of the following challenges that are considered most likely to be affecting the target groups:

• Changes in circumstances: When faced with change due to financial pressures or
increased caring responsibilities, certain groups may no longer feel able to invest time
and/or money, or may lack the headspace needed to think about, plan, or invest the
effort it takes to be active.
• Mental health: Certain groups of people are more likely to be experiencing new or
worsening feelings of depression, stress, loneliness or anxiety, reducing their likelihood to
be physically active.
• Digital exclusion: Faced with a continued period of enforced social distancing or isolation,
people who are unable to, or who do not have access to digital channels, may not have
the opportunity to be physically active.

Sport England is looking to help the affected communities quickly and is looking for products or
solutions that are already worked up and ready to deliver a positive impact within the next six

Innovations could include creating a completely new product, a new way of delivering an existing product or a tiny change that has a big effect.