Following completion of the upgrading of The Line in Standish it was decided to plant some trees on the site.

At the same time Wigan Rotary Club decided to take part in a Rotary UK wide challenge to plant a tree for every member of the club.

With the help of a grant from the Standish ward Councillors Ray Whittingham and Adam Marsh Brighter Borough Fund and a donation from Wigan Rotary Club fifty apple and pear trees were recently planted at the side of The Line.

Standish Ward Councillor Ray Whittingham said ‘ This is a fantastic opportunity for Rotary, the community and local Councillors to come together to improve the area. With the trees being fruit trees this gives Standish Ward a chance to be part of the Incredible Edible project that the Council is promoting.’

Wigan Rotary Club President John Wright said ‘ I am delighted we have been able to help in a project that will benefit the community hopefully for many years to come when the trees produce the apples and pears each year.

Wigan Rotary Club has a long history of working with the community on schemes which will have a long term benefit and we aim to carry on this work in the future.’