Standish Probus Speaker Meeting Schedule

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In addition to the general Probus information,  each month there is a specific talk or meal

May 14th   “Sir Henry Tate”                                                                                                        by Doreen Jolly

June 11th   “N.E. Nepal Border Invasions & Lumba Sumba La”                                                               by Boyd Harris

All bookings and payment by the June 11th meeting please.

August 13th  “Royal Progress Queen Elizabeth 1st/ James 1st

                                                by Roger Mitchell

10th September “Moscow Murder and a Per Una Dress”

                                                by Sheila Walsh

8th October  “Origin of Nursery Rhymes”

                                                by Jean Finney

12th November  “ Funny Money or Pebbles to Plastic”

                                                by Stuart Walsh

10th December  Christmas meal : Venue and cost to be confirmed

All bookings and payment by the 12th November meeting please.