State of the Sector survey closes 25 September

Help to shine a spotlight on the difference the VCSE sector makes … and be in with a chance to win either £1,000 or £200 for your organisation.  

This is a major survey we conduct every few years to understand the scale, reach and resilience of our local voluntary organisations, charities, community groups and social enterprises in the city. As before this work is being done in partnership with other parts of Greater Manchester following up from our reports in 2013 and 2017.
We know it’s another ask of very busy people who have done such amazing work in responding to the crisis but I think this survey is perhaps the most important we have done because it will give us good data about the impact of a decade of austerity and the Covid-19 crisis on local organisations. As the city plans for recovery, we need to understand the where the sector’s strengths can contribute to ensuring all communities are included and supported in the months and years ahead.

Mike Wild, Chief Executive, Macc The last survey in 2017 found there were an estimated 15,890 voluntary, charity and social enterprise (VCSE) organisations in Greater Manchester supporting over 21.9 million interventions with clients, users or beneficiaries and are worth a total income into the city region was estimated to be £1.3 billion. This survey provided valuable evidence to decision makers of the important social and economic contribution the VCSE Sector brings to Greater Manchester and its individual boroughs. However it is time to repeat the survey as there have been significant changes within the sector, local areas and Greater Manchester. Particularly as the impact of Covid-19 in 2020 has radically changed how we live and how the sector delivers its services. 

We need to know how these changes have affected our sector to enable them to continue to make a difference by providing valuable services and supporting the people of Greater Manchester. 

Those who complete the survey will be entered into a prize draw to win either £1,000 or £200 for their organisation.  

The survey closes on 25 September This research will not just enable us to shine a spotlight, but also give a voice to every local area and Greater Manchester as a whole. The State of the Sector is a partnership research initiative between 10GM (a joint venture to support the VCSE sector across Greater Manchester), GMCVO and locality partners. Leading the research on behalf of the partnership will be the University of Salford. 
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