State of the Sector Survey


First of all may we say that we would really appreciate your input by completing this survey, but if you feel you need any assistance with this, please contact [email protected]   with your contact name and phone number, and they will be happy to help.

State of the Sector is a partnership research initiative between 10GM (a joint venture to support the voluntary, charity and social enterprise (VCSE) sector across Greater Manchester), GMCVO and locality partners. Leading the research on behalf of the partnership will be the University of Salford.

The last survey in 2017 found there were an estimated 15,890 VCSE organisations in Greater Manchester supporting over 21.9 million interventions with clients, users or beneficiaries and are worth an estimated total income into the city region of £1.3 billion. This survey provided valuable evidence to decision makers of the important social and economic contribution the VCSE Sector brings to Greater Manchester and its individual boroughs. You can read the 2017 GM State of the Sector report here.

In light of COVID-19, this information is needed now more than ever. We need to demonstrate how vital the VCSE sector is to Greater Manchester, and this is the chance for groups to have their voices heard.

Key Info

  • The survey opens: 28 July – 25 Sept
  • The survey takes around 25 minutes to complete
  • There is a prize for completion. Everyone who completes the survey will be entered into a prize draw to win either £1,000 or £200 for their organisation
  • There will be one web link that groups can use to complete the survey. 
  • The social media hashtag is #VCSEinGM2020

We need you!

We are asking a wide range of organisations to take part: large national organisations, small community groups, faith based organisations and voluntary organisations. Please add your voice to this group and make sure you are included.  We know how busy you are, so we really do appreciate you giving time to complete the survey. This research will only be useful if enough groups take part to make the response rate significant. This means it is important that as many groups as possible answer.

This is our fourth time conducting this research. It is widely respected in Greater Manchester and is used for a range of reasons including:

  • Ensuring that key partners are aware of the role of the voluntary and community sector both with local areas as well as Greater Manchester-wide
  • Influencing policy and decision making
  • Influencing commissioning and funding plans – securing more money for the sector and local groups
  • Ensuring that decision and policy makers locally and nationally are aware of the impact of recent cuts and public sector reform has had on local groups
  • Helping to plan the services and activities provided to assist local groups

Many thanks.

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