Stir To Action: Beyond Here Fellowship


Are you involved in community business? Are you interested in “wellbeing in community leadership”? In partnership with Power To Change, Stir To Action have launched a new small grants programme (£2,000) to fund individuals to undertake place-based research.

Wellbeing in Community Leadership Fellowship offer
Community business leaders do not always think of themselves as leaders and discover their leadership role changes over time. Recognising yourself as a community leader can have profound positive effects, but the experience of leadership can also be challenging and isolating under the pressure of realising a challenging business model and serving the needs of your community.

Through Beyond Here fellows will work closely with community leaders across the UK to explore these challenges as well as models for reducing, managing, and preventing the pressures that come with their involvement within the community business sector.

If you are interested in exploring this topic further, have an idea for a research topic and a community business you would like to work with, you’re invited to apply.

For further information and to apply, visit:

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