Stop Smoking Campaign


A new campaign in Greater Manchester is calling on smokers to stop smoking as smokers are at increased risk of suffering more serious complications if they develop coronavirus.

The warning comes as emerging evidence shows smokers in hospital who have coronavirus are at a higher risk than non-smokers of severe illness. 

A new survey estimates at least 300,000 people have quit smoking successfully, a further 550,000 have tried to quit and 2.4 million have cut down on the number of cigarettes they smoke due to growing concerns around Covid-19. 

Wigan Council will be supporting the campaign and sharing messages across various channels encouraging our residents to get support if they want to quit.

On Thursday 7 May, 11am – 12pm, ASH is hosting a webinar for local authority public health professionals and councillors on the importance of tobacco control as part of local COVID-19 strategies.

The webinar includes an overview of tobacco control in Covid-19 responses, as well as case studies from other areas.

Register for the webinar here