Strengthening Infrastructure Support to BAME Communities in Greater Manchester

Greater Manchester BAME Network

A message from Hannah Berry – Greater Manchester Equality Alliance (GM=EqAl)


I am writing on behalf of the new GM Equality Alliance, GM=EqAl, to invite you to join and help build our network.

We are creating a broad, cross-sector network that seeks to include everyone who is engaged in furthering equality, diversity and inclusion at a practical or strategic level in Greater Manchester. 

As a representative of a Black, Asian or ethnic minority community in Greater Manchester, we hope you will register to ensure we are connecting as many BAME-led groups and organisations as possible. The sign-up link is here

We are also seeking new members for the GM=EqAl Working Group.  We are looking for people who have an in-depth understanding of particular equality issues, and strong connections to relevant communities and networks. Applicants  need to be comfortable operating at strategic level, although thorough induction and support will be given to anyone who is new to policy discussions. We are aiming to complement the knowledge and skills of the existing GM=EqAl membership and to cover as many equality areas, and areas of Greater Manchester, as possible. 

Please do consider applying if you are interested in the role, and forward the invitation to others who you think could make use of this opportunity. More information on the role can be found in the attached document, which is also linked to here.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. One of my colleagues will pick this up if I am on leave.

Many thanks,

Hannah Berry (her/she)
Project Officer, Greater Manchester Equality Alliance (GM=EqAl)

Best wishes,
Tori Heap (she/her)
GM BAME Network – Secretariat Role 

Morre information from:-
0161 277 1011