Sun Awareness Week


It’s Sun Safety Week, and we’ll be talking about how to keep yourself safe in the sun all week. Being sun smart is about looking after your skin all summer, not just during heatwaves or when you’re on holiday. Cover up, use at least SPF30 suncream and spend time in the shade. #GMSunSmart #SunSafetyWeek

Even in Manchester / <locality> you can get burnt between March and October. Follow our everyday suncream tips to stay safe from skin cancer. Use at least SPF30 suncream, cover up and spend time in the shade. #GMSunSmart #SunSafetyWeek

Sunburn doesn’t just happen on holiday. Even in the UK you can get burnt between March and October, so it’s important to protect your skin at home too. Use at least SPF30 suncream, cover up and spend time in the shade. #GMSunSmart #SunSafetyWeek

Sunburn increases your risk of skin cancer. Follow these safety tips to protect your skin: ⛱️ stay in the shade between 11am and 3pm 🚫 make sure you never burn 👕 cover up with clothes and sunglasses 👶 take extra care with children 🧴 Use at least SPF 30 / high UVA protection. Now that’s SunSmart. #GMSunSmart #SunSafetyWeek

Sunbeds give out ultraviolet (UV) rays that increase your risk of developing skin cancer, and many sunbeds give out a higher dose of UV than the midday tropical sun. Reduce your chance of getting skin cancer by saying no to sunbeds. #GMSunSmart #SunSafetyWeek

Take extra care in the sun if you have🌞 freckles 🌞 red / fair hair 🌞 burn rather than tan 🌞 many moles  🌞 are in a hot country where the sun is intense eg: on holiday 🌞 personal / family history of skin cancer #GMSunSmart #SunSafetyWeek

Take extra care to protect babies and children from the sun. Their skin is much more sensitive than adult skin, and damage caused by repeated exposure to sunlight could lead to skin cancer developing in later life. #GMSunSmart  #SunSafetyWeekSunburn in childhood can greatly increase the risk of developing skin cancer later in life. Be #SunSmart – use at least SPF30 suncream, keep children covered up and make sure they spend time in the shade. #GMSunSmart #SunSafetyWeek