Surveys Launched To Help Respond To The Coronavirus Outbreak

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The Coronavirus is having a huge impact across GM Poverty Action’s network. Public, private and VCSE sector organisations are thinking about how they maintain and adapt services to response to emerging needs. The situation will have a significant impact on people experiencing poverty, and on responses to poverty, both in the short and long-term.

Greater Manchester Poverty Action is seeking to gather intelligence from their network to understand the impact of coronavirus on service delivery and responses to poverty. GM Poverty Action have launched two surveys:

  • Food providers survey: This survey is for food banks, food clubs/ pantries and providers of hot meals. It includes specific questions about the impact of the virus on stock and volunteer and client numbers
  • VCSE organisations survey (other than food providers): This survey is for VCSE organisations in GMPA’s network whose work supports people in ways other than through food provision. GM Poverty Action want to understand the impact of the virus.

Complete the survey that is most relevant to you. Each survey should take less than ten minutes to complete.

The information gathered through the surveys will be used to inform conversations GM Poverty Action are engaging in at a Greater Manchester and local authority level as to the impact of coronavirus on poverty. GM Poverty Action are aware that VCSE infrastructure organisations and local authorities will also be gathering intelligence from the sector at this time and will ensure the information gathered is shared with these organisations.

Given the nature of the current situation GM Poverty Action would appreciate organisations responding to the survey as soon as possible. GM Poverty Action will start analysing results as they come in. However, it is likely the survey will be kept open for several weeks so that they can gather data on an ongoing basis.