Tackling Loneliness

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Wigan Athletic Trust have received some additional funding to expand their current offer to older adults who may be lonely or isolated.  If you have someone in mind, you or the actual beneficiary can complete the referral form. For more information on the programme or to refer a neighbour or member of family that would benefit from the service please email [email protected] or phone 07889537140   The project will allow Wigan Athletic to offer more of the following

Phone calls

Virtual coffee mornings via ZOOM

Monthly support packages

In addition to this we would also like to link up with care homes, sheltered living etc to offer group sessions that are interactive. These could be done online or face to face and could include:

  • Physical activity sessions – small group and basic movements to help keep the body active and moving
  • Bingo – Can be done online or face to face with Wigan Athletic prizes to be won
  • Quizzes – can be done online or face to face with prizes to be won
  • Interactive games – such as boccia, dominoes or board games.
  • Goody bags could be distributed to all those engaged in the sessions too.

So far our project has;

  • Contacted over 350 people over the phone
  • Delivered 120 goody bags
  • Conducted over 20 garden gate visits.