Wigan Rotary Club are warning that just because the lockdown is easing the online scammers are still very active. According to Action Fraud the Covid 19 lockdown has seen an increase of 400% in scams. It therefore makes sense to take some simple steps to make yourself and your family more fraud proof.
*Customers are reporting fake adverts on reputable sites such as Google, Facebook, EBay, and Instagram. If shopping online try to shop with websites that you know and trust using Mastercard or Visa. If you see a deal online that looks too good to be true from a website you have never heard of, do your homework and if you have any doubts don’t make the purchase.


*If an online seller asks you to send money direct from your bank account to theirs, this is probably a scam. If they fail to deliver the goods you will lose your money. When it comes to buying online use your MasterCard or Visa to pay.


*Don’t give away your personal details too easily. Criminals use online competitions or offers of free shopping vouchers as a way of harvesting information from their next victims


*Be sceptical of unsolicited phone calls texts or emails asking for personal bank details. Your bank or police will never  ask for a full PIN or password, card reader codes, or ask you to move money from your account.


*Do not recycle passwords and definitely use a unique password for your bank accounts and your email account.


President of Wigan Rotary Club Rosemary Charles says ’You are now more likely to be a victim of fraud in the UK than any other crime. So we would urge everyone to be very careful and pass this information on to your family and friends, especially anyone you think may be vulnerable.’