Terry’s Quiz No. 82

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Q1      What was the name of the first “ Dog “ that was sent into space ?                               

Q2      Who was the “ Mythical King “ that turned everything into gold when he touched it ?

Q3      Which explorer discovered “ Jamaica “ on his 2nd voyage  to the “ West Indies “ ?

Q4      How many sides a “ Hendecagon “ have?                                                                             

Q5      How many “ Pockets “ are there on a snooker table ?                                                      

Q6      In which country is “ Transylvania “ ?                                                                                                

Q7      Who was the author of the “ James Bond “ books?                                                         

Q8      Who was the “ Roman God of Wine “ ?                                                                                 

Q9      What is the name of the largest “ Fresh Water “ lake North America ?                        

Q10    How many inches are there in “ 25.4cm “?                                                                          

Q11    In golf the “ No 10 Iron “ is usually called  what?                                                              

Q12    In the game of “ Scrabble “ how many points is the “ Letter M “ worth ?                   

Q13    How many players are there in a “ Water Polo” team ?                                                    

Q14    What name is given to an angle of less than “ 90 degrees “ ?                                        

Q15    What is the real “ Surname “ of actor “ Nicolas Cage “?                                                    

Q16    What is the name of the cartoon character that is chased by “  Wile E Coyote “ ?    

Q17    What is the national language of “ Brazil “?                                                                        

Q18    In golf, what name is given to a score of 2 under par on a hole ?                                  

Q19    In the “ Periodic Table “ which element is “ Number 79 “ ?                                            

Q20    What is the collective noun for a group of “ Owls “ ?                                                        

Q21    What is the “ Perfect score “ in a game of “ Ten Pin Bowling “ ?                                    

Q22    Who was the author of the book “ The Ugly Duckling “?                                                 

Q23    What is the correct name for a garden fork`s  “ prong “ ?                                                           

Q24    In the comic strip, what is the name of “ Dennis the Menace`s dog”?                                   

Q25    In “ Rugby Union “ how many points awarded for a “ Try “ ?                                         

Q26    What is written on a “ Staff or Stave “ ?                                                                                

Q27    In the USA, what is celebrated on “ February 2nd “ and is also the title of a film ?  

Q28    In the “ Phonetic “ alphabet. what word represents the “ Letter N “ ?                         

Q29    In which country is the “  Atacama “ desert ?                                                                      

Q30    What is the state capital of “ New York ?

Here are the answers to today`s quiz

Q1 Laika,  

Q2 Midas,   

Q3 Christopher Columbus,    

Q4 Eleven,   

Q5 Six,  

Q6 Romania,

Q7 Ian Fleming,  

Q8 Bacchus,   

Q9 Superior,   

Q10 Ten,   

Q11 Wedge,   

Q12 Three,

Q13 Seven,   

Q14 Acute,   

Q15 Coppola,   

Q16 Roadrunner,  

Q17 Portuguese,  

Q18 Eagle

Q19 Gold,   

Q20 Parliament,  

Q21 300,   

Q22 Hans Christian Anderson,   

Q23 Tine,

Q24 Gnasher,   

Q25 Five,   

Q26 Music,   

Q27 Groundhog Day,  

Q28 November,

Q29 Chile,  

Q30 Albany,