Terry’s Quiz Number 101

poster of quiz time

Q1 The “ Big Yin “ is the nickname of which Scottish comedian ?

Q2 Which sign of the zodiac is represented by a “ Bull “ ?

Q3 Which game uses “ Twenty two “ balls ?

Q4 What was the “ Surname “ of the politician who “ Preceded “ J F Kennedy as president of the U S A ?

Q5 Who is the patron saint of “ Travellers “ ?

Q6 What is the biggest “ monkey “ in the monkey family ?

Q7 A prancing horse on a yellow shield is the logo of which “ Car Company “ ?

Q8 In fiction, what is “ Superman`s “ home planet ?

Q9 What is the name of the author of the novel “ Mary Poppins “ ?

Q10 Which sea is “ aptly “ named because it is too salty to maintain life ?

Q11 “ Gertrude “ was the mother of which Shakespeare character ?

Q12 What name is given to the “ Wild dogs “ found in Australia ?

Q13 What type of “ Beans “ are used to make Baked beans ?

Q14 What was the name of the “ Rocket “ that was used to launch the “ Apollo “ space missions

Q15 Which organ does the disease “ Hepatitis “ affect ?

Q16 Who was the director of the films “ Platoon & J F K “ ?

Q17 What connects the “ Mediterranean and the Red sea “ ?

Q18 Who had a wife called “ Minnehaha “ ?

Q19 What sport was featured in the “ Thriller in Manilla “ ?

Q20 What was the name of the first ship to reach the “ Titanic “ after she hit an iceberg ?

Q21 What is the nickname of the “ South African “ ruby union team ?

Q22 Which “ Wonder horse “ had its own T V Series ?

Q23 Which actor starred in the film version of “ To Kill a mocking bird “ ?

Q24 Which is the smallest of an “ Orchestra`s flutes “ ?

Q25 Which sports company uses the “ Swoosh Logo “ ?

Q26 Who is the animated star of the computer game “ Tomb Raider “ ?

Q27 What is the name of the “ Greek “ God of war ?

Q28 Which capitol city`s name translates to “ Black Pool “ ?

Q29 Which is the only one of the “ Seven Dwarfs “ without a beard ?

Q30 Who was the first woman to be appointed head of “ MI 5 “ ?


Q1 Billy Connolly, Q2 Taurus, Q3 Snooker, Q4 Eisenhower, Q5 Saint Christopher, Q6 Mandrill, Q7 Ferrari, Q8 Krypton, Q9 P L Travers, Q10 Dead sea, Q11 Hamlet, Q12 Dingoes, Q13 Haricot, Q14 Saturn, Q15 Liver, Q16 Oliver Stone, Q17 Suez canal,Q18 Hiawatha. Q19 Boxing, Q20 Carpathian, Q21 Springboks, Q22 Champion, Q23 Gregory Peck, Q24 Piccolo, Q25 Nike, Q26 Lara Croft, Q27 Ares, Q28 Dublin,Q29 Dopey, Q30 Stella Rimington