Terry’s Quiz Number 16



Q1      Which city is located on the eastern side of the Mersey Estuary  ?                                 

Q2      What are stratus and cumulus types of                                                                              

Q3      What type of energy is harnessed from the sun                                                                

Q4      Which scientist developed the theory of relativity                                                           

Q5      Starting with the letter ‘i’, what name is given to an oblong block of gold, silver, or             other metal                                                                                                                                  

Q6      What is the scientific study of plants                                                                                     

Q7      What can be isosceles and scalene                                                                                      

Q8      What name is given to a baby whale                                                                                               

Q9      What is a ‘sheepshank’ and ‘the rolling hitch’                                                                    

Q10    Name the site of Captain Cook’s first landing of HMS Endeavour on Australia ?        

Q11    If dogs are canine what are cats                                                                                            

Q12    What is the name of the “ Fairy “ in “ Peter Pan                                                               

Q13    Which metallic element is liquid at “ Room Temperature “ ?                                           

Q14    “  Laverbread “ is a traditional food in which country                                                    

Q15    What is the traditional name for the flag that is flown by a pirate ship about            

            to attack                                                                                                                                       

Q16    What is the official “ Language “ of Brazil “                                                                        

Q17    A “ Knell “ is a sound made by which object ?                                                                      

Q18    Which star sign is associated with the “ Twins “ ?                                                                

Q19    How many years of marriage is celebrated by a “ Tin Anniversary “ ?                          

Q20    What is the national anthem of “ France “ called                                                             

Q21    What is measured by a “ Sphygmomanometer “                                                             

Q22    Who won the “ 1967 Eurovision Song Contest “ with “ Puppet on a String “                      

Q23  Which singers real name is “ David Robert Jones “                                                           

Q24    Which singer opened her own clothing store under the name “ Lucy in Disguise “  in 2010 ? 

Q25    What has, Forests but no trees, Cities but no Houses,  Water but no Fish ?     


Q1 Liverpool,    Q2 Clouds,     Q3 Solar,     Q4 Albert Einstein,      Q5 Ingot,      Q6 Botany

Q7 Triangles,      Q8 Calf,      Q9 Types of Knots,      Q10 Botany Bay,     Q11 Feline,    

Q12 Tinkerbell,      Q13 Mercury,     Q14 Wales,     Q15 Jolley Roger,     Q16 Portugese,

Q17 Bell,     Q18 Gemini,     Q19 Ten Years,     Q20 La Marseillaise,    Q21 Blood Pressure

Q22 Sandie Shaw,    Q23 David Bowie,     Q24 Lily Allen,     Q25 A Map