Terry’s Quiz Number 32



Answer to Cryptic questions No 5, 10, 15, 20 & 25 is OSCAR WINNING FILMS

Q1      Who sculptured the famous statue commonly known as “The Kiss”?                           

Q2      Which is the longest river in “ Australia “ ?                                                                            

Q3      In the “Wizard of Oz”, what was the tin man searching for?                                           

Q4      In terms of population, which is the “ smallest country “  in the European Union ?  

Q5      “ Chocolate Bar Takeover “                                                                                                        

Q6      In Cockney slang, how much is a “ score “                                                                         

Q7      Where on the human body would you find your “ Lunula “ ?                                         

Q8      What was produced by the “ Manhattan “  Project                                                         

Q9      How many are in a “ Baker’s “ dozen                                                                                                

Q10    Was the bard of “ Avon “ besotted ?                                                                                       

Q11    Who succeeded “ Gerald Ford “ as President of the USA ?                                               

Q12    In which language is most “ ballet “ terminology written                                               

Q13    What number on a “ dartboard “ is diagonally opposite 20 ?                                          

Q14    Which controversial director directed “Rosemary’s Baby” ?                                           

Q15    “ The Channel Tunnel “                                                                                                             

Q16    In which country would you find the Holy city of “ Mecca “ ?                                        

Q17    With which art movement would you associate “ Pablo Picasso “ ?                              

Q18    In the children’s song, what eventually killed the old lady who swallowed a fly?      

Q19    As at 2019, who is the only “ Rugby Union Player “ to have won the BBC Sports Personality of the Year ?                                                                                                 

Q20    “ A Yank visited France”                                                                                                          

Q21    Born in Scotland in 1794, who was “  Dr Johnsons “ biographer ?                                

Q22    In meteorology, what does a “ pluviometer “ measure ?                                                  

Q23    What is the capital city of “ Austria “                                                                                     

Q24    What was the pen name of author “ Eric Blair “                                                                

Q25    “ Tee off and avoid Flower “


Q1 Rodin,    Q2 The River Murray,    Q3 A Heart,    Q4 Malta,    Q5 Mutiny on the Bounty,

Q6 £20.00,    Q7 Finger Nails { small white half-moon }    Q8 Atomic Bomb,   Q9 Thirteen,

Q10 Shakespeare in Love,   Q11 Jimmy Carter,    Q12 French,    Q13 Three,   Q14 Roman Polanski,   Q15 French Connection,    Q16 Saudi Arabia,    Q17 Cubism,    Q18 A Horse,

Q19 Johnny Wilkinson { 2003 }   Q20 American in Paris,    Q21 James Boswell,  Q22 Rainfall,

Q23 Vienna,     Q24 George Orwell,    Q25 Driving Miss Daisy