Terry’s Quiz Number 34

poster of quiz time


The clue for Cryptic question No 5, 10, 15, 20 & 25 is GEOGRAPHY

Q1      What is the capital city of “  Sicily “ ?                                                                                       

Q2      What was the code word used for the “ D-Day landings “ in 1944 ?                             

Q3      Where in the human body is the “ thyroid gland “                                                          

Q4      In which movie series would you find the “ Millennium Falcon “ ?                                

Q5      Which countries  are on the “ Atlantic & Mediterranean “  ?                               

Q6      On which of the “ Great Lakes “  does the US city of “ Buffalo “  sit ?                            

Q7      Which British Prime Minister spoke of “a wind of change” in Africa in 1960 ?           

Q8      In which country was scientist “ Marie Curie “ born                                                        

Q9      With which art movement would you associate “ Andy Warhol “ ?                              

Q10    Klondike country has longest what ?                                                                                      

Q11    Which “ Mountain Range “  runs from the Bay of Biscay to the Mediterranean Sea ?

Q12    With which newspaper did the “ Daily Sketch “ merge in 1971                                                

Q13    In horse racing at what age does a “ filly “  become a mare ?                                          

Q14    What did  “ Siam  change its name to in 1939 ?                                                                   

Q15    This city is farther north than any other                                                                              

Q16    In which French city was “ Joan of Arc “ burnt at the stake                                           

Q17    In the video game, what colour is “ Pac-Man “                                                                

Q18    Which constellation is also known as “ The Hunter “ ?                                                      

Q19    From what is “ Tofu “  made                                                                                                    

Q20    “ Shall  Edmond a saint be buried here “                                                                           

Q21    For which English club did “ Mo Salah “  make his Premier League debut in February             2014 ?                                                                                                                                              

Q22    Which jazz artist was known as “Satchmo” ?                                                                       

Q23    The “ Prado art gallery “ can be found in which European city ?                                                

Q24    In economics what do the letters “ RPI “ represent                                                         

Q25    “ People“s Rock “ ?


Q1 Palermo,    Q2 Operation Overlord,    Q3 In the Neck,    Q4 Star Wars,    Q5 France, Spain & Morocco,    Q6 Lake Erie,     Q7 Harold McMillan,    Q8 Poland,     Q9 Pop Art, 

Q10 Coastline,    Q11 The Pyrenees,    Q12 Daily Mail,    Q13 Five years old,   Q14 Thailand,

Q15 Reykjavik,     Q16 Rouen,     Q17 Yellow,    Q18 Orion,    Q19 Soya Beans,    Q20  Bury St Edmonds,   Q21 Chelsea,    Q22 Louis Armstrong,     Q23 Madrid,     Q24 Retail price Index,

Q25 Folkstone