Terry’s Quiz Number 45

poster of quiz time

Today`s quiz is a Themed quiz and the theme is V E DAY  &  WW11,  Hope you enjoy it.

Q1   What do the letters  “ V E “ actually stand for                                                        

Q2  What was the name of the British Prime Minister at the time of “ V E Day “ ?                               

Q3 Who was the “ reigning Monarch “ at the same time ?                                                                    

Q4  What was the name of the “ American President “  in office at the time of V E Day ?

Q5  What was the name of the American President who died just a month before “ Victory in Europe “ was achieved                                                                                           Q6 To celebrate the “ 50th anniversary “ of the end of WW11 in 1995,  the May Day Bank holiday was moved to what date                                                                                   Q7 Approximately how many people fought in WW11,       Point for within five million ?                    

Q8  It was reported that which members of the “ Royal Family “ had joined the crowds in Trafalgar Square to celebrate the end of the war ?                                                                                          

Q9  What was the name given to the “ Camps “ that allied prisoners were kept in when captured ?

Q10 V E Day marked the end of war in Europe, but what marked the end of the war in “ Asia “ ?        

Q11 What was the date that Japan surrendered to end the war in “ Asia “ ?                                          

Q12 What is the date that this “ surrender “  is celebrated  ?                                                                  

Q13 Technically, the war between “ Russia and Japan “ still hasn`t ended, Why not ?                           

Q14 Why will “ Hiroo Onado “ always be remembered  in “ Japanese Military “ history ?                     

Q15 In the build up to the end of the war in Europe, what was the name given to the “ defence of our skies “  by the RAF                                                                                            Q16 What was the name of the “ Gallant flying officer “ who continued to fly after losing both of his legs when shot down,  a film was made about this remarkable man  ?                                                 

Q17 What was the title of the film that told the story of this remarkable Officer ?                                

Q18 What was the nickname given to the singers,” Vera Lynn, Gracie Fields & Anne Shelton  ?           

Q19  There are “  four singers today “  who are regarded as being today`s versions of the above, name             two out of the four ?                                                                                                                         

Q20  In 2011 “ Richard Rhodes “ became the first man to be awarded what ?                                        

Q21 What was the name given to the two main “ Military Alliances “ of WW11 ?                                 

Q22 The war was mainly fought in Europe and Asia, but, what other “  Continent “  was Involved ?    

Q23 What were the names of the two cities that the USA dropped “ Atomic Bombs “ on in August 1945 ?

Q24 Where were the “Military Trials “  held following the arrest of German war criminals ?                

Q25 What is the “ Three word slogan “ that we use at every remembrance day service ?


Q1 Victory in Europe, Q2 Winston Churchill,  Q3 King George V1,   Q4 Harry Truman, Q5 Franklin D Roosevelt, Q6 May 8th  Q7  Seventy million, Q8 Princesses Margaret & Elizabeth, Q9 Concentration Camps, Q10 V J Day, Q11 August 15th 1945, Q12 September 2nd,  Q13 Peace treaty to end the Kiril Island dispute was never signed. Q14 He stayed in hiding in the Philippines until discovered in 1974, but, he would only surrender when a Japanese officer ordered him to after persuading him that the war was over,  Q15 Battle of Britain,   Q16 Douglas Bader, Q17 Reach for the sky , Q18 Forces Sweethearts, Q19 Nell McAndrew, Katherine Jenkins, Kirsten Osbourne,  Cheryl Cole, Q20, Title of Forces Sweetheart,    Q21 Allies & Axis, Q22 Africa, Q23 Hiroshima & Nagasaki,  Q24 Nuremberg, Q25  LEST WE FORGET ?