Terry’s Quiz number 88

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Q1 Who has a catchphrase of “ Yabba Dabba Do “ ?
Q2 Which poet wrote about “ Daffodils “ ?
Q3 What was the name of the “ Roman “ God of Fire ?
Q4 What device does a musician use to “ Pluck “ strings ?
Q5 What is the more common name for the “ Chilean Pine “ tree ?
Q6 What type of creature is a “ Saluki “ ?
Q7 In what part of the world would you find the “ Fertile Crescent “ ?
Q8 Of which group of islands is “ Stanley “ the capitol ?
Q9 What is “ Dendrophobia “ an irrational fear of ?
Q10 What is “ Marsh Gas “ an alternative name for ?
Q11 What is the largest island in the “ Mediterranean sea “ ?
Q12 Which tourist attraction would you find in “ Monacnapa, County Cork “ ?
Q13 What is the length in yards of a standard “ Cricket Pitch “ ?
Q14 What is missing on the sculpture “ Venus De Milo “ ?
Q15 What is an “ Alewife “ ?
Q16 Which state in the mainland USA has the most “ Westerly “ point ?
Q17 What was the nickname of musician / singer “ Louis Armstrong ?
Q18 Of which country is “ El Al “ the national airline ?
Q19 What is the “ second “ largest desert in the world ?
Q20 Who composed the music for the musical “ South Pacific “ ?
Q21 What nationality was famous artist “ Rene Magritte “ ?
Q22 What are the two main ingredients of “ Porridge “ ?
Q23 On a map, what is the name of a line that joins places of “ Equal Height “ ?
Q24 What is the name of the cartoonist who created the cartoon “ Peanuts “ ?
Q25 What is the medical name for “ Shoulder Blade “ ?
Q26 What is the more popular name for the plant “ Kingcup “ ?
Q27 In which city would you travel in a “ Gondola “ ?
Q28 The plant “ Edelweiss “ is the national flower of which country ?
Q29 At the battle of “ Rorke’s Drift “ Exactly, who did the English fight ?
Q30 What is ornamental work in “ Silver or Gold Thread “ called ?

Answers to Quiz number 88

Q1, Fred flintstone,
Q2 William Wordsworth,
Q3 Vulcan,
Q4 Plectrum,
Q5 Monkey Puzzle Tree,
Q6 Dog,
Q7 Middle East,
Q8 Falklands,
Q9 Trees,
Q10 Methane,
Q11 Sicily,
Q12 Blarney Stone,
Q13 22,
Q14 Arms,
Q15 Fish,
Q16 Wrangell Point Alaska,
Q17 Satchmo,
Q18 Israel,
Q19 Gobi,
Q20 Richard Rogers,
Q21 Belgian,
Q22 Milk / Water & Oats / Grains,
Q23 Contours,
Q24 Charles Schultz,
Q25 Scapula,
Q26 Marsh Marigold,
Q27 Venice,
Q28 Austria,
Q29 Zulus,
Q30 Filigree,