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You may be aware that plans for an integrated, inclusive public transport system for GM, The Bee Network, are being developed. The Bee Network is our vision for an integrated transport system which will join together buses, trams, cycling and walking by 2024, with rail incorporated by 2030, to transform how people travel in Greater Manchester.

We’d like to hear from communities what their needs and priorities are for the Bee Network. This may be specifically in relation to Covid related concerns, such as mask-wearing on vehicles, it may be related to wider safety concerns such as anti-social behaviour on vehicles or at interchanges, or may be related to broader topics of accessibility, affordability, inclusivity, reliability or sustainability of services.

A Destination: Bee Network public conversation is currently taking place, and we hope it is just the start of ongoing dialogue and engagement with communities about shaping the future transport network.

Information about the Bee Network, the link to the online survey, and a timetable of recently confirmed engagement events at bus stations and interchanges can be found here.

Further to this, we are also hosting online focused engagement sessions, the topics, dates and times of which are outlined on the table below.

The focused engagement workshops will be held virtually. Each engagement workshop is themed around key development areas and each session will be delivered twice; one day time slot and one evening slot. We’d like to hear views and opinions across all topics so people can book onto as many sessions as they would like.

Please see below for a summary of each workshop. Please note to receive a link to a session a person must book their free ticket for each workshop via Eventbrite before 5pm on Friday 5th November. 

The links to Eventbrite are below. 

Customer Experience: On Stop Information 

Customer experience is a person’s perspective of the transport network. This session will provide an opportunity to draw on your perspective and highlight potential practical issues encountered when using the transport network. In particular, this workshop will explore the changes we need to make to deliver an improved customer experience at travel interchanges and stops. Your participation in this session will help us to make a real difference to people travelling in Greater Manchester.  

Wed 10th November, 6pm-8pm To book click here – Click here 

Thurs 11th November, 10am-12pm  To book Click here 

Customer Experience: All About the Bus  

This session will explore what the most important features of bus design are to passengers in Greater Manchester. During the session we’ll discuss what bus features are most important to passengers so that we focus on how best to deliver them in the immediate future. Your feedback will help inform any, new features we should include in new Bee Network buses as and when they come on stream. This session will also cover certain aspects of your bus journey for example around adequate information and safety. 

Tues 16th November, 10am-12pm  To book Click here

Wed 17th November, 6pm-8pm  To book Click here 

Streets for All   

Our Streets for All vision aims to ‘ensure that our streets are welcoming, green, and safe spaces for all people, enabling more travel by walking, cycling and using public transport while creating thriving places that support local communities and businesses’. In this session we’ll be discussing what steps we can take to make our streets and spaces feel safer for all people as they go about their daily lives and travel on the transport network in Greater Manchester. This could be when walking or cycling (including to and from public transport stops and stations) on public transport or when driving. 

Tues 16th November, 6pm-8pm    To book Click here 

Thurs 18th November, 11am-1pm  To book Click here