The Brand New iDEA Silver Award is Here

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The Inspiring Digital Enterprise Award, iDEA is a sparkling package of online digital learning designed to help you find out about the digital world in a fun and engaging way. iDEA has been very much a part of our local digital strategy with Wigan residents completing over 13,500 learning badges, resulting in almost 300 people completing their iDEA Bronze Award. We would very much like to build on this success with the launch of a brand new iDEA silver award, Please can you champion the award by promoting to your service users, friends and family as well as sharing your own learning successes collectively through our social media channels.

So what’s the big iDEA?

iDEA is based around two award levels – Bronze for beginners and Silver set at intermediate level (Gold is due out in 2019). Together these awards help you badge your digital brilliance. By taking online challenges you can discover skills you never knew you had and hone the ones you’ve already got. The challenges are split categories, each with its own series of badges to be won – citizen, worker, maker and entrepreneur and gamer. iDEA badges are designed so anyone can have a go; they also have the added bonus of improving employability and adding extra UCAS points to university applications

To find out more about iDEA please visit: Registering is easy! Start collecting badges today

Don’t forget to share your successes on social media using @wigancouncil @idea_award #digitalwigan.