The Great Big Green Week


What we fund: 

Our Great Big Green Week Community Fund supports community groups to organise local events, activities and festivals during the Great Big Green Week 2022. These should engage the local community and celebrate action and progress being made on climate change.

We want to support activity/ events that: 

In your application we ask that your event/ activity meets ONE of the following:

  • Empower local groups to create new connections locally that support new people and organisations to take climate action locally. E.g. local businesses, sports clubs, cultural organisations and faith groups  
  • Led by or in partnership with groups who are underrepresented within the climate movement. E.g. ethnic minority, disability or economically deprived. 
  • In locations with no existing green week or related activity. Or, where the event takes existing or previously funded activity to a new level. 
  • Engage local politicians and/or councillors in events happening in their constituency.
  • Support engagement across generations and encourage intergenerational dialogue
We can fund: We cannot fund: 
EquipmentOne-off eventsStaff costs (if directly supporting your Great Big Green Week Activity) TransportUtilitiesVolunteer expensesPublicity e.g flyers, social media advertisingAlcohol, food & drink at your events Contingency costs, loans, endowments or interestProfit-making or fundraising activitiesVAT you can reclaimOverseas travel or projects that take place outside of the UKSmall land or refurbishment projects Training costsYour organisation’s running costs

Types of Grants: 

We have 3 sizes of grants available:

  • Small Grant: £200 to £500
  • Medium Grant: £500 to £5,000
  • Large Grant: £5,000 to £10,000

Please see ‘How to Apply’ for the relevant deadlines.

Who can apply: 

To find out more please visit