The Herbert Protocol Continues to Help Save Lives as GMP Adopt Online Portal


Available via Safe and Found Online, the Herbert Protocol has been in place since around 2016, with the national protocol now being adopted locally in our area again that encourages carers and family members to compile essential information that could prove invaluable if a vulnerable person, including those with dementia, goes missing.

It now involves completing an online form with all relevant details by family members, friends, or carers. The information is then stored on Safe and Found Online and accessed by our officers when someone is reported missing.  

The form, accompanied by a recent photograph, records vital information such as the person’s physical description, medical conditions, mobile phone number, known locations or likely places they may visit, contact details of friends, and any other pertinent historical information.

Following the recent introduction of the Forcer Protocol, the Herbert Protocol is now available online for people in Greater Manchester via Safe and Found Online.

Previously, this information was stored on a paper form completed by the family or the care home of the Alzheimer’s or dementia patient. This could lead to delays in finding and accessing the information if the form couldn’t easily be located. Whilst the preference is to ensure all relevant information is stored online, the paper form option will still be available to ensure that people without computers can still access it.

For more information around the Hebert Protocol please follow the below links, which includes direct access to the online form.

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Online form:

Safe and Found Online: Herbert Protocol – Safe and Found Online

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